Cliffport Chief/Nale

Together they were sitting there, watching the sunset. Everything went according to plan. The chief couldn't help chuckling a little.
"What's are you thinking about?" asked Nale. "Oh, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow. That Order of the Stick won't know what hit 'em." "They won't be alone." "I guess so. I hope it's worth the effort, though. You can't imagine through how many loops I had to hop to get the mayor to pass the law that prohibits the use of alignment-detecting spells and abilities." " I can assure you, that we appreciate your work. Trust me, your price will be worth it."

They sat there a little longer, honoring the moment. Suddenly, Nale laid his head on the chief's shoulder, whispering into his ear: "You know, I could give you a taste of what awaits you when this is all over." "Are - aren't you in relationship with Sabine?" "It's okay, I asked her and her only prerequisite is that she gets to watch the action." "Oh, you're a bad boy, Nale. I believe I have to arrest you now."

They went into the bedroom, where Sabine was already waiting in an armchair, giggling full of expectation…

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